UCLA Extension

Hotel Accommodations

UCLA Extension has prepared these lists of accommodations for the convenience of of our short course participants. These listings do not constitute endorsement by UCLA Extension and failure to include does not imply discrimination. We have done our best to provide current rates; however, these lists should serve only as guidelines as all quoted rates are subject to change without prior notice. For final verification of prices and other information, contact the sources directly.

Most of the hotels on these lists offer a UCLA discount rate and require a credit card number or first night’s deposit to guarantee a reservation. If you are eligible, we recommend that you also ask for the government rate to obtain the better of the two. All hotels are subject to a state sales tax. An additional 12-14% bed tax may be added for hotels within the city of Los Angeles

To get the UCLA discount rate when making a reservation, contact the hotel directly and advise them that you are a UCLA Extension short course participant. Do not use a travel agent to get this discount.

Courtesy shuttle bus or limousine service to and from UCLA is available at some hotels (noted under “Amenities”). Check with the front desk or concierge at the hotel for schedules.

We invite your comments and impressions of your hotel accommodations, which you may express on the evaluation that is distributed at the conclusion of your course. Such feedback is essential to keep this housing list viable.

Hotels by Distance from UCLA