UCLA Extension

General Information & Parking


Registration is from 7:15-8:15 on the first morning of the course. A registration desk will be set up in front of the classroom, where you will receive a name badge and course materials. If you will be arriving late or must cancel your reservation at the last minute, please advise the Short Course Program Office immediately by calling (310) 825-3858.


Parking on the UCLA campus is $12 per day (subject to change without notice). Permit may be purchased at the kiosk located at parking structure 1 (P1), located north of Le Conte Avenue on Gayley Avenue.

The parking permit should be clearly displayed on the driver’s-side windshield with the current date shown to avoid a parking citation. The Short Course Program Office is not responsible for parking citations received due to nonpayment or improperly displayed permits.

Parking is also available in various commercial lots throughout Westwood Village, which is a good alternative to campus parking (see map). The closest lot to the UCLA Extension Building is located on the corner of Le Conte and Broxton Avenues.

Please check with your hotel concierge about shuttle bus service to and from the UCLA Extension Building.

Course Location

All short courses are held at the UCLA Extension Administration Building, located at 10995 Le Conte Avenue (corner of Le Conte and Gayley Avenues). The building is adjacent to the beautiful 411-acre UCLA campus in Westwood Village, at the hub of such upscale neighborhoods as Brentwood, Bel Air, and Beverly Hills. Westwood Village has more than 50 restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of the campus, as well as 10 movie theaters and theater complexes within a half-mile radius of the UCLA Extension Building. The world-renowned Getty Center museum is only about two miles from campus and is accessible by bus and automobile. Southern California also offers a wide variety of entertainment for visitors. Check with your hotel or our short course program staff for further information.

Participants who stay at one of the hotels in the campus area should not require a car unless they plan to sightsee or visit other areas of Los Angeles.


Smoking is not permitted in any university building.


The material presented in UCLA Extension programs may not be recorded or reproduced in any form for commercial use without permission of the Dean of Extension. Recordings for personal use may be made with permission of the instructor. This regulation applies to students and the general public as well as to news media personnel. UCLA Extension reserves the right in certain special circumstances to prohibit any form of recording altogether.

Food Services

A list of restaurants in Westwood Village and food facilities on the UCLA campus are available in the Short Course Program Office.

Library Privileges

Browsing and reading while in the library is permitted without a card. Printed guides describing facilities, services, and schedule of hours are available on the UCLA Library website.

Recreational Facilities

The UCLA recreational facilities are available to all short course participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Recreational activities include swimming, handball, racquetball, basketball, tennis, jogging, and weight training. Facilities are located at the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center near the residence halls, the men’s and women’s gyms, Drake Track Stadium, and the John Wooden Center. Guest cards are available in the Short Course Program Office.