BS in engineering or science, or equivalent experience (unless indicated otherwise).


Fee includes course materials; it does not include parking, lodging, or meals. Enrollment is limited. 

Payment by Credit Card:
  1. Select the course in which you would like to enroll from the list of currently offered public courses.
  2. Click on the course registration number (Reg#).
  3. Click on “Enroll Now” and will be redirected to the UCLA Extension website
  4. Click on on “Add to Cart” and follow the online enrollment instructions.
Payment by Purchase Order:
  1. Print and complete the enrollment form.
  2. Mail it and a copy of the purchase order or billing authorization to:
    UCLA Extension
    P.O. Box 24901, Dept. K
    Los Angeles, CA 90024-0901
Payment by Check:
  1. Print and complete the enrollment form.
  2. Submit it and the check (made payable to The Regents of the University of California) to:
    UCLA Extension
    P.O. Box 24901, Dept. K
    Los Angeles, CA 90024-0901

A tentative reservation may be made to hold space in a course. (This reservation may be canceled at any time without penalty.) Print and complete the enrollment form (without indication of payment) and return by mail or fax to (310) 206-2815. To make a reservation via email, send all information requested on the enrollment form to shortcourses@uclaextension.edu or call the Short Course Program Office at (310) 825-3344.

Late and/or on-site enrollments are possible if space allows. Single-day attendance also is permitted upon approval.

Details regarding course location, parking, and housing accommodations will be mailed to everyone who enrolls or reserves a place in a course. For more information call (310) 825-3344 or email shortcourses@uclaextension.edu.

UCLA Extension reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a short course, and to change instructors.

Refunds and Rebates

The course fee (less a $30 administrative fee) will be refunded only if cancellation of enrollment is postmarked by the specific refund date indicated in each course description. Notify the Short Course Program Office immediately by calling (310) 825-3344, followed by a written request for refund. A refund is not allowed after the published refund date; however, you may apply the course fee (less the $30 service charge) toward enrolling in another short course. A full refund is given if a course is canceled, discontinued, rescheduled, or participant is dissatisfied after attending the first day of a two- to five-day course. UCLA Extension assumes no liability for travel or other expenses incurred by participants requesting a refund.

The Short Course Program pairs certain related courses and schedules them back to back during the same week. Rebates are offered on each of the course fees if both courses are taken in combination with one another. Rebates are processed after the final refund dates of both courses.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

One CEU is awarded for each 10 contact hours of satisfactory participation in an organized noncredit continuing education program.

Tax Credit

You may be eligible for a tax credit for fees paid at UCLA Extension. For details see the tax information in the general information section of the UCLA Extension quarterly catalog, or visit the UCLA Extension website.