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We’ll bring a current, past, or custom-tailored short course or program to your workplace. You choose the content, time, and format, and we will accommodate your special needs! All Courses offered in the entire line-up are available for your customized needs.

Consider the attractive benefits of our on-site training:

  • Potential course customization to target organizational issues and needs
  • Allows for open and confidential discussions among employees
  • Option to accommodate a greater number of attendees
  • Facilitates learning and/or change as team members receive the same information at the same time
  • Flexibility to attend courses in the evening, on weekends, or during working hours
  • Additional cost savings by eliminating employee travel expenses
  • Each attendee receives a record of participation and continuing education units from UCLA Extension

Note: Scheduling of all on-site courses and programs is subject to the availability of the instructor(s). Restrictions may apply when content is of a proprietary nature.

For more information contact the Short Course Program Office: | (310) 825-3858

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace Structures
Aircraft & Space Systems
Control Systems

Biomedical Engineering

Communications & Sensors Engineering

Air & Space Communications
Communications Networks
Communications Systems
Imaging Sensors & Systems
RF & Radio Systems
Signal Processing



Leadership & Management

Project Management

Software Engineering

For more information contact the Short Course Program Office: | (310) 825-3858