Flight Control Design

This course accomplishes two objectives: provide participants with an overall understanding of the challenges, objectives, and content of the course, and serve as an introduction to the entire spectrum of the technical content of vehicle management systems (VMS) engineering. Instruction covers some of the history of the field, the design requirements, relevant aerospace characteristics of the aircraft, modeling and simulation, classical and modern controls analysis and synthesis, hydraulic and electrical actuation, safety and redundancy management, stability and control augmentation systems and fly-by-wire, pilot-in-the-loop simulation, systems integration and test, and the integration of flight controls with other related systems on the aircraft. The course concludes with a discussion of projected future trends.

Coordinator and Instructor

Jerry L. Lockenour, MS, PE, Consultant, Manhattan Beach, California. Prior to his recent retirement, Mr. Lockenour worked for Northrop Grumman for 31 years. Most recently as director of Technology Development, he was responsible for planning and execution of airborne systems technology programs across the sector—IRAD of approximately $22M/year and CRAD of approximately $45M/year. He was responsible for the development of integrated technology programs at El Segundo, Palmdale, Rancho Bernardo, Bethpage, and Melbourne, Florida. His management responsibilities included roadmap development, contractual research and development (CRAD) pursuit strategies and proposals, and conducting assessments of technical capabilities and maturation levels and transition to products. The sector’s technology strategies are implemented in full coordination with external agencies, including government laboratories, federally funded research and development centers, suppliers, small R&D businesses, and academia. Mr. Lockenour was responsible for the NGAS “grants to universities” program and the “invention disclosure and patent” program. He also led the study activity with IDEO (a private commercial innovation product company) to explore product innovation concepts to implement within NGAS. He also served as the primary interface for cross-sector technology initiatives and working groups to collaborate on technologies of mutual interest across the corporation.

Mr. Lockenour has been an instructor at Northrop University; University of Dayton; National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, ROC; and for the AGARD Lecture Series 153, Integrated Design of Advanced Fighters. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi, an Associate Fellow of AIAA, and has published numerous papers, reports, and articles.

Course Program

  • Introduction to Flight Control Systems
  • Flying Qualities Requirements and Military Specifications
  • Review of Aircraft Dynamics and Math Models
  • System Analysis Procedure
  • Stability and Maneuverability Considerations
  • Review of Control System Analysis/Synthesis Techniques
  • Control Power and Actuation Requirements
  • Safety, Reliability, and Maintainability Considerations
  • System Architecture and Redundancy Management
  • Control Laws: Stability and Control Augmentation System
  • Pilot-in-the-Loop Simulation
  • Control Laws: Autopilot and Trajectory Controller
  • Test Stand Integration, Aircraft Ground and Flight Tests
  • Integrated Control
  • Electronic Aircraft: Present and Future

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