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Project Quality Management

A 2-Day Short Course

Modern private companies and public agencies need both project management and quality management. Important work simply cannot be accomplished without effective project management tools and techniques, and customers are demanding that the products and services provided are of the highest quality.

Complete Details

The Project Management Institute has recognized quality management as an integral part of managing projects and has accordingly made it one of the nine elements in the Body of Knowledge. In addition, corporate quality managers have learned that project management practices and tools help them plan and manage their quality implementation projects.

This highly interactive workshop marries project management and quality management. It explores quality tools and practices that ensure that projects will be successful. Both the quality of the management and execution of the project and the quality of the project’s results are addressed. Participants identify and experience first-hand how to apply those quality tools that enhance planning, assurance, and control of both project processes and project results.

Practitioners of both project management and corporate quality management should benefit from this course. It selects those techniques that enhance all projects from the powerful toolkit developed by quality managers, and shows how project management tools can be employed to plan and manage quality projects.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to corporate quality management
  • Three ways to improve project quality
  • A systematic way to solve persistent business problems
  • A simple but effective way to eliminate waste and streamline business processes
  • Effective, practical techniques for improving the quality of project results
  • Practical application to projects of over 20 powerful quality management tools

Course Materials

Lecture notes are distributed on the first day of the course. These notes are for participants only and are not for sale.

Coordinator and Lecturer

Chris Christensen, MS, MBA, President, Christensen Associates, Inc., Playa del Rey, California. Mr. Christensen is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He was a project and program manager in the high-technology electronic component manufacturing and systems integration industries for over 30 years. His projects have developed air defense, intelligence data fusion, radar imaging, and satellite communication systems. He currently is President of Christensen Associates, Inc., which advises, coaches, and trains executives, managers, and senior staff to manage more effectively their businesses. Mr. Christensen has over 40 years of experience coaching and training individuals and groups in product development, corporate quality initiatives, problem solving, project management, strategic thinking, and futures forecasting. He facilitates off-site retreats as well as on-site workshops in project management, futures research, problem solving, quality improvement, product development, and strategic planning. His current and past clients represent virtually every industry and include the Los Angeles County MTA, Ablestik Adhesives, Pilkington Aerospace Transparencies, Courtaulds Aircraft Lacquers, Delco Machine and Gear, Continental Foundries, Hughes Aircraft Company, TRW Space Systems Group, Southern California Edison, Tosco Petroleum Refineries and Pipelines, Martin-Marietta Aerospace, Vivendi and Havas Software Development, The Aerospace Corporation, RAND Corporation, BP-Arco Service Stations, Celestica Build-to-Print Assemblers, Ball Aerospace, Boeing Satellite Systems, System Development Corporation (now Unisys), Raytheon Company, and Triniti Corporation in India.

Mr. Christensen began teaching in the U.S. Air Force as an instructor in the technical training school at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi. While a manager at Hughes Aircraft Company and TRW Defense Space Systems Group, he taught after-hours and “brown bag” courses in technical subjects. He currently teaches courses in UCLA Extension’s Technical Management Program, at the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) Industrial Relations Center, and in Loyola Marymount University’s MBA program. He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Quality Engineer, and Certified Quality Manager. He currently is writing two books on how to predict and exploit the future and how to manage multiple projects.

Daily Schedule

Day 1

Introduction to Corporate Quality

  • Three ways to improve project and corporate quality
  • Brief history of corporate quality
  • Three phases of corporate quality

Permanently Solve Persistent Business Problems

  • The seven-step universal problem-solving method
  • Select the right problem to solve
  • Define the problem as the gap between the ideal and current situations
  • Analyze the problem to identify its root causes
  • Create many solutions and select the best ones
  • Persuade the decision makers to make the necessary changes
  • Follow-up to ensure the problem stays solved
  • Tools for solving problems
    — Benefits/cost analysis
    — Pareto Analysis
    — Weighted Matrix and AHP (Expert Choice)
    — Silver Bullet Matrix
    — Five why’s
    — Ishikawa (“Fishbone”) Diagram
    — Brute Think
    — Honorable Thief
    — Persuasion/motivation techniques to enlist decision makers
    — PDCA Cycle

Day 2

Eliminate Waste and Streamline Processes

  • Identify opportunities
  • Find waste
  • Fix problems
  • Redesign and optimize the process
  • Tools for improving processes
    — Benchmarking
    — Flow charts, including process mapping
    — Toyota Production System’s Seven Waste Areas
    — Trend analysis
    — Control charts (SPC)
    — Theory of Constraints, including Serving the Bottlenecks

Improve Project Results

  • Elements of a product improvement program
  • Control variation
  • Cost of quality
  • Tools for improving project results
    — Inspections
    — Statistical sampling
    — Design of experiments
    — Robust design
    — Quality audits
  • Six Sigma and Operational Excellence

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