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A Blueprint for Virtual Team Success: Communicate, Collaborate, Connect

A 2-Day Short Course

Achieving results from a virtual team where team members work across different sites, in another city, or on the other side of the globe is a challenge. To succeed, you need the critical know-how—a “blueprint”—in order to work optimally across time, distance, and culture. While virtual teams can provide real benefits to organizations, they often present new challenges to those who are not truly prepared for the realities of getting things done at a distance. Research systemically shows that virtual teams suffer from a high failure rate—enthusiasm is simply not enough.

Learn the tools to overcome the barriers of distance, cultural diversity, and time while maintaining high-quality communication through collaborative technology.

You are given a Virtual Team Toolkit consisting of useful checklists, self-assessments, and information sheets that can be utilized in your team immediately.

Topics include:

  • Identifying why virtual teams often fail
  • Facilitating effective team start-up and team leadership
  • Managing cultural diversity, differences, and conflict
  • Clarifying team roles
  • Dealing with coordination and control issues
  • Optimizing modes of communication—the human element
  • Understanding how to coach virtual team members
  • Developing trust across cultural and geographical distances
  • Recognizing the critical success factors for high performance virtual teams

Coordinator and Lecturer

Johanna Hollowich, MSc, Managing Director, Potencium Limited, London, United Kingdom. Ms. Hollowich established Potencium Limited after 20 years’ experience as a training and development specialist in Europe and the United States. Her expertise is in international communication, cross-cultural diversity, and distributed/remote team working. She has presented over 500 programs throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States in a wide range of business sectors. She brings a wealth of experience in preparing professionals for the challenges of today’s business environment.

Ms. Hollowich’s current clients include Boeing (U.S.); Chugai (Japan, U.K.); Cushman & Wakefield (Italy, Russia, U.K.); General Motors (Australia, Canada, Mexico, U.S.); Janssen Pharmaceutica (Belgium); MDS Pharma (France); Northrop Grumman (U.S.); Novartis (Switzerland, U.K., U.S.); Novo Nordisk (Denmark, Singapore); Orion Pharma (Finland); UCB (Belgium); and The Walt Disney Corporation (France, U.K., U.S.).

With Potencium offices in London and Los Angeles, Ms. Hollowich knows only too well the challenges working globally and remotely.

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