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Presentation Skills for Technical Leaders

A Two-Day Short Course

Technical leaders call on their presentation skills regularly—transferring knowledge, proposing new projects, delivering unwelcome news, introducing change, or simply breathing new life into stale meetings.

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In this course, you’ll learn to be a confident, capable presenter, ready for any challenge. You’ll learn how to create and deliver effective presentations, applying your creativity to generate and optimize your information. You’ll learn to design slides that explain rich ideas and complex content—not dense brain-dumps or technical manual replacements, but never (ever!) “dumbed-down.” You’ll also learn how to foster a strong connection with both technical and non-technical audiences—and why that’s so important.

As a leader, you’ll not only prepare and deliver presentations yourself, but you’ll also attend many. Find out how to help your teams communicate with you effectively—improving slides, making the connection, and effectively reaching audiences both technical and non-technical.

Learn to be persuasive in front of a group, conquer “stage fright,” and address resistance in your audience. Become the kind of presenter people look forward to listening to and learning from!

This is an interactive class. We’ll use several short case studies and practices—but no videotaping. You’ll get live feedback, and everyone will have the chance to present and improve.

Coordinator and Lecturer

Susan de la Vergne, B.A., Consultant, Alder Business Services Inc. Los Angeles, California.

Susan de la Vergne worked in software development, software quality control and technology management for 25 years, a career she prepared for early in life by majoring in English in college—which is how most tech leaders get started (okay, not really). She went to graduate school at USC to study Professional Writing, then went to work in banking, retail, and utilities in technology leadership roles.

Susan was an Information Technology Director for PacifiCorp, a regulated electric utility, and an I.T. Director for Kroger, where she also served as Project Director, Director of I.T. Governance, and Software Testing Manager. She has worked in technology management for Wells Fargo Bank, as well as for start-up companies in Atlanta and Portland, and the University of Southern California’s Computing Center in Los Angeles. After 25 years in technology management, she left the corporate ranks to help professionals develop as leaders and become mindful, efficient communicators.

She has taught at Portland State University (College of Engineering, College of Business and the School of Extended Studies) and Oregon State University (College of Business). Guest lectures at NYU, Columbia, Albion College, University of Oregon, PSU, and Oregon Health and Sciences University, also Sigma Tau Delta / English majors honor society’s annual conference.

Her new book, Engineers On Stage: Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals, is due out spring 2013. She is also the author of numerous articles that have appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Today’s Engineer (monthly “Cogent Communicator” column), SPIE Journal, Perdido: Leadership with a Conscience, The Oregonian and The Journal of the Quality Assurance Institute among others. She also wrote You CAN’T Manage Time (2006: Alder Business Publishing), Norwegian Aloha: The Making of a Sugar Cane Engineer (2011: Alder Business Publishing), and Business Résumés for Liberal Arts Students (2012: Smashwords).

Susan is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association.

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