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Leadership and The Human Element in Project Management

Effective leadership skills are perhaps the greatest determinant of project success. Project managers must demonstrate leadership effectiveness throughout each phase of the project life cycle. This course prepares students to be effective leaders of projects.

The theory and practice of project leadership will be integrated to provide students with skills that are immediately applicable in their own work environments. Concepts and models from traditional leadership theory will be combined with up-to-date, real world examples of leadership in action. Selected readings will be reinforced through participative classroom exercises to assess and enhance each student’s leadership effectiveness. Leadership skills and techniques will be explored through case studies highlighting typical project issues and problems. This course prepares participants to build, motivate, and lead high-performance, project teams.

Coordinator & Lecturer

Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP, President, Meloni Coaching Solutions, Inc., Long Beach, California. Coaching Solutions is a company devoted to helping clients successfully navigate the human side of the project world. She has supported project managers at organizations such as Occidental Petroleum, Northrop Grumman, Toyota Motor Credit, Southern California Edison, CalStart, and arc.

She is a contributing author to the book 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career where she addressed the topic of conflict resolution. She has also been called upon to contribute to articles in PM Network®, the monthly magazine covering trends, tools, and best practices in project management. She is a top blogger at Toolbox. Ms. Meloni holds a BS in Business Administration and an MBA from California State University, Long Beach. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Margaret Meloni is the recipient of UCLA Extension’s Distinguished Instructor Award.

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