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Leadership Styles for Influencing Others

A 2-Day Short Course

Forget the myth that leaders are “born, not made.” Effective leadership styles can be learned and developed. This course helps you build an understanding of the behaviors that distinguish effective leadership and the skills necessary to implement these behaviors in day-to-day managerial practice.

Each of us has a preferred leadership style. The Hersey and Blanchard flexible leadership model, which serves as the foundation of this course, provides a basis for matching one’s leadership style to an assessment of the situation. A variety of instructional approaches is employed, including lecture/discussion, video, simulation, and a comprehensive motion picture case study to provide conceptual understanding and practice in the diagnoses of situations and in the matching of one’s leadership style to a specific diagnosis.

Learn to more clearly recognize the needs within a situation, become more effective in leading others, act as a stronger catalyst in the development of others, and gain—and use—power more wisely.

Coordinator and Lecturer

Christopher Coffey, Partner, Prism, Ltd., Santa Monica, California. For many years, Mr. Coffey has worked with executive teams and their staffs in developing excellence in management by translating realistic, down-to-earth methods for success into simple, common sense concepts. He conducts workshops in leadership, team building, commitment, and executive coaching. In addition, he has substantial training and experience as an actor and director, and has appeared in a variety of movies, television productions, and commercials. He also has taught courses in acting and self-presentation. With this background, Mr. Coffey is able to train managers to present themselves with maximum impact and increase their effectiveness in daily communication.

In the mid-1980s, Prism, Ltd., was one of the pioneers in feedback-based training, working with organizations such as IBM, Citibank, Apple, and Reebok. Today, Mr. Coffey’s clients include Autodesk, Intervoice, Tektronix, Silicon Graphics, Network Associates, and Extended Systems.

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