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Negotiating Your Way to Success

A 12-Hour Short Course

Do you feel comfortable asking for what you want? Do you know how to negotiate so that everyone feels like a winner? Do you take pride in how easily and well you deal with conflict? Women have a wealth of untapped resources that can make them great negotiators. Once these natural abilities are enhanced, women can get the results they want without having to compromise who they are. Whether dealing with a client, colleague, manager, business leader, or someone outside of work, effective negotiation skills can improve outcomes and benefit everyone involved.

This highly interactive course teaches you key negotiation techniques of how to analyze, plan, sell, organize, and motivate others for increased success at work and in life. Power dynamics, information exchange, and time investment and constraints are discussed. Dealing with and preventing sources of conflict that may get in the way of your goals also are addressed. You learn powerful phrases that enable you to resolve sensitive situations quickly and confidently, and gain the skills necessary to develop stronger relationships that allow you and others to achieve better business results.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the strategic advantage women have as negotiators
  • Identifying and overcoming any resistance to negotiating what you want
  • Learning principles for breakthrough results and improved relationships
  • Analyzing negotiation situations and developing a game plan for desired outcomes
  • Learning a five-step approach to conflict resolution
  • Understanding when and how to build strategic coalitions
  • Persuading others through effective sales and motivation techniques
  • Developing a new appreciation for your personal power

Course Materials

Lecture notes are distributed on the first day of the course. The notes are for participants only and are not for sale.

Coordinator and Lecturer

Denise M. Wolfe, PhD, Principal, Dynamics of Business, Los Angeles. Dr. Wolfe consults to businesses in various industries in addition to national, state, and local government agencies. Her work involves organizational assessment, strategic planning, executive coaching, program design, and training. Some of the topics she addresses are leveraging diversity, navigating change, effective communications, conflict resolution, mentoring, sexual harassment prevention, high-performing teams, emotional intelligence, and leadership development.

Dr. Wolfe has traveled extensively with her consulting, and some of her client organizations include Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Neutrogena, Ethicon Inc., Johnson & Johnson Medical, ARCO, Los Angeles Times, Eli Lilly and Co., Sempra Energy, Nissan, Glaxo SmithKline, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Novartis, Vivendi Universal, the Federal Aviation Administration, Taco Bell, Cincinnati Bell Telephone, Ohio State Department of Development, U.S. Postal Service, City of Santa Barbara, and numerous departments within the Los Angeles County system (District Attorney, Public Defender, Health Services, Children and Family Services, Mental Health, Auditor-Controller, Sheriff, Child Support Services, Agriculture and Measurements, Public Works, Animal Care and Control, LACERA, Affirmative Action Compliance, and the Human Relations Commission).

In addition to her consulting, she also has led a comprehensive global diversity effort for one of the major divisions within The Walt Disney Company. At Disney, she developed and implemented a diversity strategic plan that involved leadership development, strategic communications, education, recruitment, marketing, and accountability initiatives. Dr. Wolfe is very active in volunteering for various community agencies and nonprofit boards. She has guest lectured at business schools and presented at numerous professional conferences. Her educational background includes both a master’s degree and PhD in Organizational Psychology.

Course Program

  • Women as Strategic Negotiators: Framework for Success
  • Analyzing and Planning: Knowing What You Want and How to Get It
  • Resolving Conflict and Organizing a Win-Win Approach
  • Selling and Motivating: Negotiation Skills in Action

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